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Albert Carrasco
in memory of
Branny Carrasco
(5/8/1982 - 9/16/2019)

Albert and Branny Carrasco started the Pacific Cove chapter in 2013. Branny was diagnosed with Stage 3B stomach cancer in November 2013, at 31 years of age. She had a Helicobacter pylori infection. H.pylori caused an ulcer, and a few days later landed her in the emergency room. After a year of seeing a few GI specialists, all seemed well. A recurrence of symptoms later that year lead to a trip to the hospital. A few weeks later, Branny had the majority of her stomach removed and was discussing chemotherapy and radiation options. This disease became a reality of their everyday lives from that day on. Their family expanded with the birth of their two boys.
Being military veterans, Branny, a US Navy Corpsman, and Albert, an avionics technician, it was no surprise they met while being stationed overseas in Japan. Branny was a nursing student, and Albert was working in Hawaii and Northern California with Defense Logistics Agency as part of the J6 Info Ops team. There has been a lot of research being done on the causes of stomach cancer and the military troops who have been deployed overseas. It has been found that this group of individuals have a higher rate of H.pylori infections. This infection was the cause of Branny's stomach cancer diagnosis. Albert and Branny made it their mission to increase awareness among veterans and service members specifically. Unfortunately, Branny lost her battle on September 16, 2019, but her legacy lives on through her husband and children.