Dear DDF Supporter,


Research is the linchpin for developing effective methods for preventing, diagnosing, and treating deadly diseases like stomach cancer. When our late founder Debbie Zelman was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer in 2009, there had not been any new research in the gastric cancer field in over 30 years. It, therefore, became a focal part of our mission to directly fund research grants for the next generation of scientists to address these critical issues for gastric cancer patients, and we've directly funded $1,450,000 to date.

In the past decade, the development of immunotherapy treatments through scientific research has benefitted patients like 61-year-old DDF Board member Amy Jacobs. Amy was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer in June 2018 and was given only six months to live. In March 2019, she began immunotherapy as a third-line treatment which produced “No Evidence of Disease” results in her CT scans in November of 2019, and her status remains the same today. Thanks to these developments through modern scientific research, patients like Amy may have the chance to live years beyond their initial cancer prognosis.

While we are proud of our efforts thus far, much more is needed. Our goal is to raise $500,000 that will directly fund additional stomach cancer research, and you can help be part of this process! Please join us in reaching our goal to fund this critical research and further provide resources and support to patients and their families in the ways that matter most.

We look forward to achieving new milestones with your support, and we appreciate you continuing to DREAM BIG with us!