2023 Annual Appeal

Dear DDF Supporter,

Debbie’s Dream Foundation: Curing Stomach Cancer’s (DDF) journey against stomach cancer is one of persistence and hope, driven by advocacy and a growing focus on total well-being. These pillars have been central to our work since the Foundation’s inception, and we have made great strides.

We convened for our 11th Annual Stomach Cancer Capitol Hill Advocacy Day in March this year, marking a monumental milestone. More than 140 passionate advocates stood united, amplifying the voices of stomach cancer patients and caregivers. As a result of their passion and dedication, we held 180 meetings with lawmakers, sharing personal stories and advocating for increased federal funding for stomach cancer research. This collective effort has resulted in over $30.7 million allocated to stomach cancer research funding since FY 2015 through the Department of Defense’s Peer-Reviewed Cancer Research Program.

DDF is sensitive to the mental and emotional challenges of a stomach cancer diagnosis. That’s why we’ve expanded our support services, including our ongoing Mind, Body, Spirit Facebook LIVE Series and Monthly Stomach Cancer Support Groups. These groups provide a safe and nurturing space for patients and caregivers to connect and receive targeted support assistance.

Furthermore, recognizing the need for ongoing support for patients and caregivers, we introduced the Inaugural Advocate Patient Advocate Retreat as an extension to our Advocacy Day. The retreat delved into crucial topics like genetics, nutrition, and the overall effects on mental health for stomach cancer patients, delivered by renowned speakers in these areas. Patients and caregivers met other survivors and caregivers experiencing a sense of community, joy, understanding, passion, and support, fueling in them an inspiration for a future without this disease.

Looking ahead, we’re setting our sights even higher. Our goal for 2024 is to make it the most impactful Advocacy Day yet, with an even greater turnout and a stronger sense of community. Advocates are eager to return to DC, determined to make an enduring impact. To achieve this, we need your support in helping to bring more advocates to the Hill!

Support our efforts today by donating on our website, or participating in our Advocacy Day Scholarship Fundraiser to bring more patients, caregivers, and families to the 12th Annual Stomach Cancer Capitol Hill Advocacy Day, February 5-7, 2024!

You have the power to help us continue this vital work, to make a tangible difference in the lives of stomach cancer patients, and to build a brighter future.

Join us in this mission to turn the tide against stomach cancer and bring hope to countless lives!