June 22, 2018 – Dendritic Cell Vaccine Plus Salvage Chemotherapy Active in Gastric Cancer

A recent study found that a dendritic cell (DC) vaccine administered with chemotherapy was safe and effective for gastric cancer treatment. 28 patients with refractory or advanced gastric cancer were treated with a DC vaccine every 2 weeks for a total of 7 doses while also undergoing chemotherapy. The results showed two partial response cases, seven patients maintained stable disease, and 11 patients developed disease progression. During a follow-up after a median of 10.3 months, the median overall survival from the date of first vaccination was 10.5 months. Overall survival was longer among patients who experienced a partial response or stable disease (26.3 months) than patients who did not respond to treatment {6.4 months). Differences among various types of immune cell frequencies were noted between the responding and not responding patients. The therapy was well tolerated by patients with no serious adverse effects, except for hematologic toxicities.
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