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A journey of adoption, cancer, addiction, and breakthrough living. In his late thirties, Steve Melen thought he had it all—a successful career in finance, a house on the hill, a beautiful newborn daughter, and a zest for life and travel. He was unstoppable ... until a diagnosis of Stage IIIB stomach cancer brought it all to a screeching halt.

Facing the hard truth that he would live the rest of his life without a stomach, Steve battled his demons and the fact that he only had a 15 percent chance of survival. Killer Graces is not just another cancer tale. It is a revelation, exposing how cancer can shine a spotlight on things that people prefer not to think or talk about. It is a story of both weakness and strength as Steve navigates a world of pain, drugs, alcohol, marital problems, and anxiety, all rooted in his earliest days as a child of adoption.

Join Steve on his journey of self-discovery as he shares that it took a life-threatening illness to bring these issues to light so the true healing process could begin.