Newly Diagnosed: First Steps to Take

People can be overwhelmed upon hearing the doctor tell you that you have cancer. To help you answer common questions about cancer and feel more in control of your health, refer to this list below of information and resources. It can help you learn about your diagnosis, find medical care and support, and get organized.

Learn About Your Diagnosis:

Read detailed information about your specific type of cancer or cancer-related syndrome, including a specialized list of questions to ask your doctor.

Find information and support.

Understand the meaning of the medical terms you may hear.

See drawings of the parts of the body where cancer can occur, including pictures of different stages of specific cancers.

Find Medical Care:

Learn more about choosing an oncologist.

Search for an oncologist in your area.

Find information on selecting where to receive your cancer treatment.

Learn more about the importance of seeking a second opinion.

Find out more about becoming comfortable with making decisions about your cancer care and treatment.

Understand how research studies/clinical trials may be an option for your treatment, what patient safety measures are in place, how to find a clinical trial and the importance of learning these things immediately upon diagnosis so you are not disqualified from a clinical trial because you already began your treatment.

Find Support and Get Organized:

Learn what emotional and social effects are possible with a cancer diagnosis, along with coping strategies.

Find out how you can become more active in managing your cancer care.

Understand the costs associated with cancer care, including tips on managing costs and locating financial assistance.

Learn about payment options, important questions to ask insurance providers, and recommendations from experienced medical professionals.

Find online or telephone support programs.

Learn how to keep a complete record of your medical care and the importance of doing so.

Download the free Cancer.Net Mobile app for your smartphone to get portable cancer information, track your side effects, save information about your prescriptions, and record answers to your personalized list of questions.

Find any other additional information and support you need and that is right for you.