Polly Nickolson and Taylor Wetsch – Albuquerque, New Mexico

We discovered that we carry the CDH1 mutation in February 2015. Surveillance is the route we chose as a strong family history of gastric cancer did not register in our family tree until recently. With signet cells found on 3 of Polly’s gastric mappings and the news of a distant cousin being diagnosed at stage 4, Polly made the decision to have her total gastrectomy in June of this year. Her recovery thus far has had minimal side effects. At four months post, she is feeling pretty good. This will be her first holiday as a stomachless person, and she looks forward to grazing on all the fabulous foods. Taylor is continuing her gastric surveillance now and feels comfortable with this decision. Her doctor closely monitors her as she continues to lead a healthy lifestyle. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s holiday recipes. I hope your holiday is filled with peace, love, happiness, and full bellies.

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