July 29, 2018- Foods That Stop Cancer: Here’s a List of 10 Anti-Cancer Vegetables You Should Never Forget to Eat

Although green vegetables are great at preventing cancer, a new study published in the International Journal of Cancer states that in addition to cruciferous vegetables, orange vegetables also contribute to lowering risk of cancer. The reason behind this is not well understood yet, however, they are thought to have high micronutrients, antioxidants and fiber which can can prevent tumors in the genesis stage. Cruciferous vegetable such as cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli are known to be the best at lowering the risk of cancer. These types of vegetables have a high content of sulforaphane and are known to reduce the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. In addition to these, kale is also a great vegetable to prevent breast, lung, esophagus, bladder, mouth and other kinds of cancer. Moreover, tomatoes, peppers, white grapefruit and watermelons are rich in vitamin C which helps the immune system fight off cancerous cells and tomatoes also contain other carotenoids, such as lycopene, that help avoid cancer. Oranges, which are also rich in vitamin C, are very effective at preventing mouth, esophagus and stomach cancer by 50 percent. Finally, consuming carrots and beans can also be very beneficial in the fight against stomach cancer with carrots reducing the risk of this type of cancer by 26 percent and beans reducing the risk of colorectal tumors by 75 percent.
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