Stomach (Gastric) Cancer Survival Rates

Survival rates are based on the cancer stages and generally given as a percentage of the patients who are able to survive 5 years or more after they are diagnosed. Patients should be advised that the survival rates are just a general guideline based upon relative survival, which measures the survival of the cancer patient in comparison to the general population to estimate the effect of cancer. The stomach (gastric) cancer survival rates are not necessarily a prediction of how long you will survive. Each patient is different and there are many factors to consider such as a patient’s health and age, so speak with your doctor about your particular case but know that your doctor may not be able to predict your life expectancy. The survival rates set forth below are the survival statistics given by the National Cancer Institute.

Stage at Diagnosis Stage Distribution (%) 5-year Relative Survival (%)
 Localized (confined to primary site)  24  62.3
Regional (spread to regional lymphnodes)  31  27.7
Distant (Cancer has metastasized)  34  3.7
Unknown (unstaged) 11 17.9


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